Square Enix: Final Fantasy III Ds Preview

01 Jun 07

When I first saw the cut scenes for Final Fantasy III on my DS, I just couldn’t believe how detailed, fluid and just plain kick butt the graphics were. If there’s one thing you can always count on with Final Fantasy games - it’s the care and development that goes into the presentation and graphics.

And I wasn’t at all surprised to see that although the graphics used in the game aren’t as well developed as the cut-scenes, they’re still pretty awesome. During the credits, I recognised the name of Yoshitaka Amano, credited with creation of the images used in Final Fantasy III and also one of my favourite graphic novel artists known for creating the artwork used in the Vampire Hunter D graphic novels. I’m definitely impressed.

The gameplay itself is extremely classic Final Fantasy which of course for fans, is superb news. Although I’m not necessarily a fan of turn-based games, the depth of the storyline and the strength of the characters are usually enough to beat the slower pace of turn-based game play. Final Fantasy III doesn’t lack in either department with the story featuring some interesting characters and even more cleverly developed adventures.

Game features include:

   The missing link in the evolution of FINAL FANTASY is unveiled – experience a tale untold

   A dynamic job-changing system allows for more than
279,000 party variations

   The Touch Screen interface seamlessly utilizes DS capabilities – explore dungeons, dispatch foes and cast spells using the Nintendo DS stylus

   A complete visual overhaul breathes new life into a classic with colourful 3D graphics

   Take advantage of both DS Wireless Communications and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to access the Mognet and communicate with other players as well as NPCs and uncover hidden dungeons, quests and items

 Character designer Akihiko Yoshida of the award-winning and critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY XII lends his talents by designing the four main characters

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