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Stardust Hd Preview – PS3

Keeping in line with the bevy of PlayStation Network games available, I managed to get comfy with another ‘shoot em’ up’ that is very similar to Nucleus except slightly less germy.

Although my high score is only sitting on the 200K mark (which is very low, trust me on this), I was forced to put the controller down or risk being tossed out on my ear for taking up the console for too long. Stardust HD is a beautifully rich looking cosmic shooter where the main objective is to basically just shoot stuff !

But of course if all games were that easy we’d all have super high scores in the millions (and in actual fact, some of the high scorers via the PlayStation Network actually do!). The map is actually the earth which you cruise around in space destroying asteroids and other nasty looking things like robotic centipedes and randomly floating space craft. As you shoot things down, you gain points. There are specific types of rock that float in the atmosphere and hide the power ups you need to upgrade and change your main weapon. If you can avoid everything that comes crashing towards you and collect as many powerups and bonus points as possible, you’re on your way to securing a spot on the PlayStation Network’s scoreboard.

Another classy PSN game to add to the list!

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