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Tamagotchi connection: corner shop

In a departure from the traditional Tamagotchi formula, NanaOn-Sha partners with Bandai in offering up a pleasantly saccharine world where the emphasis is less about raising a fledging Gotchi creature and more about growing a diversified business monopoly to reel in the inhabitants of TamaTown. Starting with a small and limited storefront, your success with the thematic minigames will decide whether your business stalls at “putchi” or rises to “royal” status. There are a total
of 11 stores to unlock, each with four levels
of difficulty. 
While the game is undeniably cute, the three characters have more than just good looks; they have distinct personalities that add a dash of depth to the story line. The minigames themselves are well crafted but, as in most collections of minigames, some aren’t as challenging or memorable as others.
The minigames themselves play out entirely on the touch screen. At the Dentist, a growing line begs for you to cure their pain and clean their teeth. Acting as dental hygienist, you remove plaque build-up by scrubbing on toothpaste the same colour as the plaque. In a more delicate procedure, you drill teeth with an eerily accurate sounding drill and then wield tweezers to carefully capture the errant dancing Cavity Fairy that sneaks out from
the hole. Unbearably cute – and many of the other minigames function in similar ways. While the game touts a multiplayer mode for 2, it’s more of a share and trade option as opposed to a connective one.
By sharing the game with another DS owner, you earn codes for unlocking items for your gotchi character.
Corner Shop can also be used with a handheld Tamagotchi Virtual Pet system. Part of what makes this offbeat title so pleasant is the strangely endearing characters, bizarre minigames and the incredibly catchy music. The game is definitely not for everyone but for those who are looking for portable minigames that are best played in short spurts, Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop provides a charming time.

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