Tekken Tag receives T rating

27 Aug 12

A decision has been reached on the rating for the Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and it’s unanimous – the game will be as full of sex and violence as any other game in the series.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) gave the upcoming title a rating of T (teen) due to content relating to alcohol, crude humour (in a Tekken game? No way), blood, partial nudity, sexual themes and violence.

Taking a look at the ESRB’s rating summary is always a treat; it can sometimes be a valuable insight as to how the video game industry is regulated and controlled.

Other times, it simply lets us see how ludicrously meticulous the ratings can be.

“Some attacks reference alcohol (e.g., Wine Opener, Tequila Sunrise) and one character uses ‘drunken’ fighting moves,” according to the summary for TT2.

Other notable mentions in the summary include women pole-dancing in one level (most likely Snoop Dogg’s stage, at a wild guess) and a ‘comedic scene’ involving two fighters, a pizza, and laxatives.

That’ll be the crude humour kicking in.

There’s no gripe against the ESRB here, it’s just interesting to occasionally take a closer look at exactly what the ratings mean and why they are given.

And despite the fact the game has a ‘T’ rating; odds are Australia will still find a way to ban it.

Tekken Tag 2 is set for release next month so take a look at the full rating’s summary here

Is the ESRB too picky with its ratings, or is that level of depth warranted? Let us know in the comments below.

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