FutureFive NZ - Telecom names CDMA shut-down date

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Telecom names CDMA shut-down date

Two years after clumsily launching its new XT network, Telecom has announced that its old CDMA network will be shut down on July 31 next year.


With only 51% of its mobile customers on the XT network at the time of Telecom’s most recent quarterly update, the company is gearing up for a busy thirteen months, as it scrambles to switch the stragglers across.


Alan Gourdie, CEO for Telecom Retail, says starting tomorrow the company will be in touch with each of its CDMA customers giving notice of the closure and encouraging them to make the switch.


"In order to assist customers we have developed a range of XT handset offers exclusively for CDMA customers,” Gourdie says, "a number of which cost zero dollars up front.”


Go here for more information about Telecom’s strategy for switching its customers to the CDMA network.

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