01 Sep 06

The stakes are high when the world’s most elite counter-terrorism unit enters Las Vegas, where over 36.7 million men, women and children visit each year. “Sin City,” the home of the famous Las Vegas Strip, flashy hotels, high-rolling casinos and world-famous celebrities, becomes the setting for a terrorist threat of global proportions. What happens when one of the world’s most famous cities is held hostage by terrorists? Rainbow Six Vegas will be Team Rainbow’s next-generation console debut on the heels of the critically acclaimed Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and the highly anticipated Splinter Cell Double Agent - both based on stories by Tom Clancy (is there no stopping this man!?). Today, with more than 13.5 million units sold worldwide, the Rainbow Six franchise is known as one of the best multiplayer experiences and is hailed for its immersive single-player games.
In this instalment you’ll play as Logan Keller, the current leader of the elite military squad known as Team Rainbow, on a hostage rescue mission. A civilian VIP named Dr. Schmidt has apparently been taken hostage in one of the glitziest resorts on the strip, along with a group of other innocents who are being held hostage by… crazed terrorists armed to the teeth! These terrorists mean business and have threatened to kill one hostage every hour until their demands are met - or until they’re all shot in the head by an elite military squad, whichever comes first. By commanding your team of experts and utilising the latest technology – you must take back control of the situation, saving the lives of the hostages and your own men when up against daunting odds.
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas will push the envelope of technology through graphics, artificial intelligence, physics and animations created by Ubisoft’s award-winning Montreal studios, which house some of the world’s best talent, including Senior Producer Chadi Lebbos who was the lead on Rainbow Six 3.

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