FutureFive NZ - User-created Portal 2 content will reach all platforms

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User-created Portal 2 content will reach all platforms

NowGamer reports that user-generated content in the upcoming Portal 2 - something that can only be made with the PC version of the game - will be available to download for use by PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Mac players as well.

"The mod tools have to stay on the PC side just because there’s a bunch of dependencies that require the Windows platform," said Valve's Chet Faliszek to NowGamer. "But the content that comes out is agnostic, and so we will be seeing that on all the platforms. Depending on the platform you’re on I should say, will depend on how we’re delivering it. There’s just a lot of value in engaging the community because they’re smart, they’re thinking of really cool things and we want to be able to have everyone share that."

Portal 2 is due for release on April 21st for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac platforms, with cross-platform online-co-op play possible on all versions except for the Xbox 360 offering.

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