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Vodafone Roaming charges cut

The firm says that USA, Canada and South Africa have been “re-zoned” meaning that Kiwis will now pay just a standard home rate plus $2 per minute for each call no matter what network you are roaming on or where you are calling.

Vodafone says this is a saving of 33% on calling from North America and 60% from South Africa.

“Customers want simplicity when roaming overseas, Traveller gives them price assurance where ever they happen to be”, says Vodafone’s General Manager of Business Marketing, Becky Lloyd.

“In addition to revamping the Traveller pricing, Vodafone has also simplified standard roaming pricing for those customers who choose not to be on Traveller.  There is now a simple ‘in country’, and ‘out of country’ price for each country.

‘In country’ calls are calls made to mobiles and landlines in the same country you are in, ‘out of country’ calls are those made to other countries (like phoning home to New Zealand).

Vodafone adds that standard pricing will appeal to customers who tend to make a higher proportion of in-country calling than back to New Zealand.

On Account customers using standard roaming rates no longer have to worry about what network they are on and at what time of the day they are calling.

“We’ve simplified it down to two easy rates for each country. This gives customers the freedom to choose pricing that suits their calling needs,” says Vodafone.

You can find a full rundown of prices here.

Back in September Vodafone cut its data roaming prices in Australia permanently from $10/MB to $5/MB.

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