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What’s on your bucket list?

A new social networking site is on the horizon, but this one is different from your typical Facebook, MySpace or Twitters out there. ‘My Bucket List’ is a page dedicated to the activities, goals and triumphs people want to achieve before they die.
How it will work – people will publish their "bucket lists” online as a way of sharing them with others. You can check out the lists of your friends to get ideas, or if you find someone who has similar activities or goals to your own, you can make plans to achieve them together. The site will even offer links to other websites where you can find discounts or places where you can accomplish the items on your list. For example, if one of your bucket list activities is to go sky diving or climb a mountain, the site will provide information and links to help you achieve this. The idea is that by sharing your bucket list goals online, you will take more active steps towards making them a reality, as well as discover other people to do them with.
You can also link your page to music for songs you want to have at your wedding, favourite songs or anything else music related.
The site isn’t out in the open just yet, but it’s in the works and in fact might be available by the time you read this article! ‘My Bucket List’ was created by Diddit, which is a site dedicated entirely to making lists. So in addition to sharing your life goals and dreams, you can also share lists of your favourite childhood memories, places you’ve been and anything else that could be chronicled.
Some might view the idea as pointless, but realistically, who doesn’t love reminiscing or sharing stories and memories with others? Furthermore, as you start to build up more of a profile, Diddit will match you up with other members who have done or enjoyed similar things. It also categorizes the items on your list to give you new ideas of things you might enjoy that you have not yet tried, according to the content on your page.
Paul Gauthier, the creator of Diddit, was recently quoted explaining, "One of the things we’re going to be able to do is start harnessing it like Amazon or Netflix. Diddit will be able to say ‘(based on) what you did, you’ll like doing these things.’ This will work once we hit a critical mass of data. Our search engine days will help us with that.”
It’s hard to say right now whether the site will take off or not, but we think the concept is pretty cool!

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