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Xbox 360 games on your PC?

The internet is abuzz with a rumour that seems too good to
be true and yet is so bizarre it may actually come to pass.

Earlier this month Microsoft announced that it was merging
Games for Windows Marketplace with xbox.com.
The post on gamesforwindows.com stated, "Games for Windows Marketplace will
fully transition over to Xbox.com. Now you can get all of your gaming needs in
one place. It’s convenient, it’s concentrated, and it’s a whole lot of great
games.” This merger is scheduled from 11 July, so it should be live in NZ any
moment now.

It seems that Microsoft may not be stopping there. Back in
May, Insideris reckoned they had word, apparently on good authority, that Microsoft were planning
to allow Xbox 360 games to play on Windows 8-laden PCs. This news seems to have
been resurrected by the folks at Teknylate and then rebroadcasted around the internet.

As grand as it may sound, the big question is, why? Why would
Microsoft want people to play Xbox 360 games on a PC? Sure, expanding the 360
user base to include Windows 8 PC users may sound grand on paper, but who is
really going to want to buy and play console games on their PC?

For example, shortly after the astoundingly gorgeous Just
Cause 2 came out on the Xbox 360, Valve’s Steam service was offering the game for
half the price of the Xbox 360 version. On a top-end PC, the game runs with
visuals that would give a 360 a red ring of death. Add a wireless dongle and an
Xbox 360 controller and you can have the full 360 experience at half the price
with twice the on-screen resolution.

No disrespect to the Xbox 360, but who’s going to want to
play a cranky-looking Xbox 360 game, running at a paltry 720p resolution, on
their swanky new Direct X god-knows-what Windows 8 machine? It’ll give you the
same bad taste you get when sticking a PSOne game in a PlayStation 3. Sounds
like a good idea, but ends up being sort of underwhelming.  It is unlikely that anyone is going to pay
Xbox 360 prices when a cheaper, better looking PC version is also available.

Whilst it would be an interesting idea, and would certainly
provide this writer with yet another method of wasting time, it’s doubtful that
it will actually come to pass. That being said, stranger things have happened.   

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