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Xbox 720 release date confirmed...?

12 Apr 13

The next-generation Xbox console has apparently been confirmed for the first time, by a couple of random Ubisoft employees.

No announcement has been made, no press conference or blog post, but both Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag have appeared on the LinkedIn profiles of Ubisoft gameplay programmer Paolo Maninetti and marketing artist Phil Brolles.

Their profiles also state that both the games are heading for the “X720”.

According to, Brolles’ LinkedIn page says that Watch Dogs is “work in progress for next generation consoles” and makes a reference to “PS4/X720”, while Maninetti says AC4 is being developed for “PC, PS3, X360, PS4, X720, WiiU”.

Not so much of an ‘oh my god’ moment as it is a ‘well, yeah...obviously,’ this is actually the first official confirmation that the next-generation Microsoft console is even a real thing.

We officially aren’t crazy guys; it exists.

This is the second fail this week for those working on the next-gen consoles, after a similar event saw former Microsoftie Eusebius Lai post on his LinkedIn that he was experimenting with “cool new features” for the “next Xbox”. At least that guy added that he was “unable to share [details] due to NDA”.

As ever, rumours have been circulating about the announcement of the new console for quite some time, and as such it’s possible to believe the Xbox 720 has already launched and that everybody hates it.

In truth, it’s pretty likely the new Xbox will be announced sometime within the next month, at which point all of this pointless banter will seem, well, a bit silly really.

You heard it here first.

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