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Ford announces new AI and robotics research team

The impact that robotics and AI can have on the way we get around  could be enormous.

There is so much potential that Ford is dedicating an entirely new research team to study and discover how these technologies can be implemented in their cars.

Ken Washington, Ford vice president says, “I can tell you there’s so much going on in the world of advanced engineering, it’s imperative that we maintain a crystal clear focus on the most important elements to help us achieve our vision of changing the way the world moves.

“That’s why at Ford, we are announcing the creation of the robotics and artificial intelligence research team as part of Ford research and advanced engineering.”

“This team will be dedicated to a greater focus on evaluating new sensor technologies, machine learning methods, technical requirements for entry into global markets, and development of personal mobility devices.”

“With our plans to be at the forefront in the field, this move aligns multiple disciplines under one team for a more concerted effort, as we increasingly come to understand the potential for robotics and artificial intelligence.”

Robotics and AI are fundamentally important technologies within the self-driving car industry, as these forms of tech have to work in tandem in order to make autonomous vehicles a reality.

The potential for autonomous vehicle technology to transform society means there’s heavy emphasis on its development, but automation and artificial intelligence can be applied in other fields as well.

Washington continues, “We are already using robotics in manufacturing and logistics, and will evaluate further advancements in collaborative robots to assist in ergonomically difficult tasks.”

The new research team promises to continue the relationships they have built with startup companies.

The startup community presents tremendous opportunities in advanced sensors, deep learning, applied robotics and more, so it’s important for Ford to continue to foster those relationships.

The Ford research team will also be working with universities on furthering robotics and artificial intelligence.

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