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Technology in schools
Raglan: Home to NZ's first enviro-tech camp for kids
When you think of tech camps for kids, the North Island’s rugged surf spot Raglan may not be the first place that comes to mind – until now, at least.
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Women in Technology
OMG Tech bridges gender gap early by keeping girls curious
By the time girls reach high school, they’ve already made major decisions about life direction – so it’s vital to foster an interest in tech early.
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Y-tech workshops getting youth into technology
The event includes speeches by inspirational New Zealand tech personalities from Datacom, the Mind Lab, and GirlBoss.
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3D Printing
Kiwi company trains future innovators with robotics, coding and more
'Normal' people like you and I could soon be left in the dust by the generation or two below us as OMGTech! trains our future innovators.
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New Zealand
OMGTech launches more coding for kids workshops around NZ
OMGTech! trialled the new initiative last week delivering workshops in five Auckland schools...
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Propellerhead helps Kiwi kids get access to digital education
More Kiwi kids will have access to tech education, thanks to New Zealand software company Propellerhead...
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You're Invited: OMG free digital confidence workshops
"Teachers are the key to ensuring all children learn digital technology basics and our free workshops aim to support them."
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OMGTech & the Ministry of Education partner to bring the best of STEM to Kiwi kids
“It’s a big positive call for the Ministry to make and it is fantastic to be able to work with the Ministry,"