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Digital signage

Japan’s Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) has developed an "intelligent” digital signage system that is sure to change the future of advertising.
Unlike the traditional billboard or sign, digital signage actually gathers context-relevant information, delivering smart, targeted advertising. It works by detecting the presence of human beings and registering how many people are in the proximity. For example, digital signage can determine if two people approach the display on the restaurant level of a shopping mall. A camera installed in the ceiling above the system immediately detects their presence. The system can then pull information from the restaurants in its network to provide the bystanders with ads for only the restaurants that currently have enough space for two people.
There is also the opportunity to offer discount coupons or other promotions via the signage, which the system can do if it detects you are losing interest and beginning to walk away, calling out "Wait! There’s more!”
We’re not entirely sure if this digital signage will be beneficial or whether it will just be like having a digital pushy salesman after you!

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