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Drinking games gone digital

Melbourne based company Inebriated Games has proudly announced the release and availability of its new drinking game iKingz V2.6 for iOS and Android devices.

According to the company’s press release, iKingz takes the classic game of Kings or The King’s Cup and mixes it with an insane asylum.


Players sit around the iOS or Android device daring to go into drinking battles, and take turns selecting from the random 52 cards face down. Each card runs an interactive mini-game, such as Wheel of Doom, Mystery Box, Picture this, Spin the Bottle, Trivia, etc. Each player must participate in these mini games and how well they perform will determine how much they or their fellow players have to drink.

iKingz has already seen early market success, receiving a 5/5 Star review from iphonefootprint.com, where it was quoted as saying "An impressively addictive fun for any social drinker app". It has also been popular on the Australian app store reaching the top 100 and is now starting to take off internationally.

iKingz V2.6 is available for NZD $2.59 and can be purchased here.

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