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Hands-on review: BlueAnt Pump Air True Wireless Sports Buds

06 Dec 17

BlueAnt ‘s Pump Air sports buds keep you comfortable, connected and entertained during your workout.

Headphones have come a long way. Whilst I appreciate there are some funky retro hipsters out there that feel fine rocking a pair of huge cans over their ears on the commute to work, I’m not one of them.

Neither am I a fan of wires. Spending a few minutes untangling my headphone when I could be chilling with Spotify isn’t much fun.

Of course, if you are working out, discrete, wireless and sweatproof ear buds are the way to go. Not only do BlueAnt’s Pump Air True Wireless Sports Buds look pretty cool, they fit the bill entirely.  

The buds themselves have one button each that does in all. I’d keep the easy to follow instruction book close to hand, until you can remember what combination of button presses do what, and the what the feedback light flashes mean.

Complete with a neat oval carrying case that doubles as a charging station, the buds are not going to get lost in bottom of your pocket/bag. You can get about three hours of use out of an hour of charge. The charge case can store 12 hours of charge, meaning that you don’t have to worry about finding an electrical supply for up to 15 hours of use.

charge case

Pairing the buds with my phone was easy. You simply take them out of the case and they start looking for your phone. Then it’s just a case of going into your phone’s Bluetooth settings and searching for the Pump Air buds, and then you are away.

Once paired, very time you take the earbuds out of the case they will automatically connect to your phone. If you want to used them with another phone you just reset the pairing my holding down the button on the right bud, releasing and then pressing it again for four seconds. Easy. You can even access Siri or the Google assistant.

Playing and pausing is done with a button press and picking up a call is done by pressing the right button. They are really easy to use.

What is really impressive is the sound output. I like my music loud. I was able to crank the volume up well beyond the point that my phone usually warns me about hearing damage. The buds still sounded great.

One of my biggest fears with wireless earbuds is them falling out of my ears and losing them. Nobody wants to have to drop to their knees on a crowded train to search for an errant earbud.

The BlueAnt Pump Air kit comes complete with a selection of rubber earbud tips that should comfortably fit all but the most unusual lugholes.

Of course, not only is it important for the buds to have a snug fit to stop them dropping out. The bass response depends on the little speakers having a good seal in your ear canal. 

BlueAnt’s Pump Air Sports Buds are a practical and stylish way to allow active music fans to enjoy their favourite tunes, and remain connected, on the go.

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