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Happy birthday Steve Jobs - the website

February 24th sees the Apple boss turn one year older.

This year brings the total birthday count to 56 and while reports run wild about his health, the Apple machine continues to move forward by sending out invites to a special event in the US.

The cryptic invitations are said to show an image of a March 2 calendar page peeling back to reveal a corner of an iPad. There's also a message on the page that reads "Come see what 2011 will be the year of."

This usually means Apple is about to announce something new. With the swell of recent stories it could be anything from the iPad 2 to new MacBook Pros or iPhone 5 or even iPhone Nanos.

Here are some of the biggest Apple stories to have done the rounds recently:


iPad 2
Contrary to reports of a delay until June, Apple is said to be preparing an event on March 2nd to launch the new iPad.

Out and About
Despite reports of ill health, the Apple CEO made it to a very special dinner hosted by US President, Barack Obama.

MacnumMac Rebrand
Renaissance re-brands the flagship Newmarket Mac store with the new YooBee colours.

New MacBook Pros
It's not confirmed but you might want to hold off on buying that flash new MacBook Pro for a while - just in case.

iPhone 5
According to a flurry of reports, all based around a leaked WWDC 2011 schedule, Apple will release iPhone 5 in early June.


Oh and don’t forget to wish Mr Jobs a happy birthday on a website created specifically for that purpose. Yes, there’s even a website for that.

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