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Little Big Planet PSP

The current video game market seems to be flooded with third- or first-person shooters. It was a breath of fresh air then, when Little Big Planet was released last year for the PS3, as a platform title has not seen popularity like this since the glory days of eight- and 16-bit favourites such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario. It seems fitting then, that the phenomenon known as Little Big Planet has made the transition to the PSP.
This PSP release of Little Big Planet is not too dissimilar to Sony’s release of Gran Turismo for the handheld; a relatively scaled-back version of the original game meant to be played while you’re on the go. This means features like co-op play have been removed. However, this handheld version still has an enjoyable single-player campaign as well as the comprehensive level-creating tool.
Creativity is what Little Big Planet is all about, and the level-creation tool is what made the franchise so popular to begin with. Here you can concoct your own stages filled with devilish obstacles, unique music and background themes. You can literally spend hours shaping the levels, adding stickers and so forth. You can even unlock more stuff to use as you play through the single-player mode. Not only that, but you can share your created levels online or download ones already created by other users.          
The charm of this game lies within its ingenious level design and varied gameplay. One level sees your ‘sackboy’ character flying on a magic carpet, and in another you’ll be airborne with a jetpack! The themes of each of the levels are also wonderfully designed; these include the Australian outback, the cold winter in Scandinavia, plus many other worldly environments.
Little Big Planet for PSP may lack some of the features seen in the PS3 original, but that does not make this game any less enjoyable. If you’re into the old-school style of platform gaming, then don’t hesitate to give this a try.

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