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PS4 can and has to save Vita

Since its launch the PlayStation Vita has been dubbed a failure by critics and gamers alike, and with every line-up or firmware announcement people are quick to jump on the band wagon and many have declared the handheld ‘dead’.

Sonys refusal to release any kind of official sales figures just add fuel to the fire and coupled with a sparse line-up of quality game titles many believe developers have given up on the Vita too.

According to Gamesradar this is not the case and the Vita is merely resting its eyes preparing for the launch of the PS4 to unlock its true potential.

A growing number of people within the gaming community all believe the release of the PS4 holds the key to the Vita’s success and without the handheld appears to be doomed – this is mainly due to the high price tag and the competition it faces.

However winter 2013 could spark a revival for the handheld, which after all is said and done is a nice piece of tech.

Gamesradar are one who think that the price point is the first obstacle to tackle – but like Techday reported earlier there are rumours that the PS4 will come in a bundle that will include the Vita.

With the price speculated to be around US$499 for the bundle (the same as a core Xbox One), this would be a 50% saving on current Vita prices.

PS Plus should be used to reduce the cost of gaming on the handheld. It is confirmed to play the PS4 online you need PS Plus and with a lot of titles required to work on Vita as a prerequisite this is good news.

Add this to the fact that PS Plus offers you free games every month via the instant game collection some exclusively for Vita – you could acquire a large Vita library for US$140 (per year).

Once the price point has been tackled the Vita will need some longevity to remain a part of your living room tech collection!

Since the Wii U has laid the ground work for dual screen gaming expect the same from Vita with the PS4 – maps, radars, inventory even response options will all be displayed on the Vita screen. Also Sony has confirmed you will be able to use the Vita to play PS4 games remotely.

Since the PS4 will be able to support an array of tablets and second screen devices, Sony will have to focus on cramming as many features onto the Vita to make gamers adopt it as their default second screen.

Many are speculating that with the current PR wave Sony is riding right now, it is in a prime place to arm wrestle developers into support the Vita – whilst almost guaranteeing Vita exclusive content for net-gen launches.

Only a fool would think the Vita can survive without its own exclusive library of AAA titles but using it as part of a wider gaming solution may help it to tread water and increase unit sales in the meantime.

Even controlling and displaying COD maps on the PS4 is better than no COD release on the Vita.

If the Vita establishes itself as a quality accessory or even a partner for the PS4 developers will come back aboard and the exclusive titles will soon follow.

Can the PS4 save the PS Vita? Tell us your thoughts below

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