Sony to launch gaming tablet?

17 Feb 11

Engadget (which has a knack for Sony scoops) reports that Sony is hard at work manufacturing a PlayStation-Certified gaming tablet under the codename 'S1'.

Running Android 3.0 (aka 'Honeycomb') and sporting a 9.4-inch display, Engadget claims that the S1 is "100 percent focused on Qriocity, Sony's music, games, ebooks and videos on-demand service that's just been launched in Europe. It comes preloaded with Sony PS One games, a Bravia Media Remote, and yes, PlayStation integration".

Most striking about the device, however, is its bizarre form factor. According to Engadget (and as illustrated by the mock-up), the device features another display on the back that "wraps" around to the top.

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